National Electrical Code: Number of Wires in a Box

khorsand says:
information on electric panel
information on electric panel

Placing too many wires into an electrical box is difficult, dangerous, and against the National Electrical Code. To avoid possible shorts and overheating due to tightly packed wires, the code limits the number of wires you can put into an electrical box. Wires aren't the only things that count as wires, however.

Counting Wires in Electrical Boxes
Number of Conductors Allowed in a Wiring Box
Number of Wires in a Switch Box

The switch box shown has a total of eight "wires" -- one for each of the four insulated wires, two for the switch, one for all of the bare ground wires, and one for the cable clamps. The jumper wire does not count as a conductor. You'd need a 3x2x3-1/2-inch device box if you were wiring with 12-gauge wire.


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information on electric panel

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