Install Meta Raceways


If you need a new receptacle or a new light and switch, the usual procedure is to run cable inside walls. That is a complicated, messy job. Cutting and patching walls takes much more time than the wiring. Wall-mounted raceway wiring eliminates that trouble and is available in plastic or metal.

Planning the job
Metal raceway can be painted. Have a salesperson help you assemble all the raceway parts you need: a starter box, channel, clips, cover plates, and elbows if you need to turn a corner. You need black, white, and green wire for the length of your run. Use 14-gauge wire for a 15-amp circuit and 12-gauge for a 20-amp circuit.


About 3 hours to install two new receptacles

Drill, screwdriver, level, rubber mallet, strippers, side cutters, hacksaw, lineman's pliers

Stripping, splicing, and connecting wires to a terminal; cutting metal channel; driving screws into a wall

Spread drop cloths on the floor

Raceway components, wire nuts, electrician's tape, screws

Step 1

Turn off the power and test to make sure it is off. Take the cover off an outlet and pull out the receptacle. Screw a raceway starter box, which has a large opening in the back, over the box in the wall.

Step 2

Position a flat elbow onto the end of the raceway channel and hold it over a stud. Have someone help you hold the channel in place, and level it. Mark where to cut the channel -- when installed the channel extends into the box by about 3/8 inch. Cut the channel with a hacksaw.

Step 3

Position the channel temporarily in place. Level it and trace along it. Find the studs with a stud finder and drill pilot holes into them for screws that hold the channel clips in place. Attach the clips.

Step 4

Reposition the flat elbow. Tap the channel gently with a rubber mallet to snap it into place. Screw the elbow to the wall.

Step 5

Cut a second length of channel, attach it with clips, and tap it into place with a rubber mallet.

Step 6

Attach a fixture box.

Step 7

Fish wires through the channel and attach the covers over the elbow.

Step 8

Hang the fixture and connect it to the outlet. Connect the wiring at the original receptacle.

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