Types of Carpet

Most carpet is tufted. It comes in two broad types: cut and looped. Each comes in several varieties.

Saxony Texture

This dense carpet has tightly twisted fibers and feels soft underfoot. It disguises tracks and is one of the best-selling carpets.

Saxony Plush

This carpet has longer fibers that are lightly twisted. It readily shows footprints and vacuum lines.


Pronounced free-zay, this carpet has dense twisted fibers that curl in different directions. It disguises tracks.

Level Loop

This carpet features tightly packed loops that are all the same height.


This level loop carpet is made with a thicker yarn. Its tight construction eliminates tracks. It resists dirt and cleans easily.

Multilevel Loop

This carpet loops at different heights to create a pattern. It hides tracks and is dirt-resistant; greater variations in height can cause dirt to accumulate on lower sections.

Cut and Loop

A combination of cut and looped fibers creates the pattern. It hides dirt and track marks.

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gudboykhan wrote:

The art of carpet weaving existed in Iran in ancient times, according to evidence such as the 2500-year-old Pazyryk carpet, dating back to 500 B.C., during the Achaemenid period.

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