Acid Staining

This story shows how to apply acid stain.

Step 1

Protect the lower portion of walls with 12-inch-wide masking paper secured with painter's tape.

Step 2

Working outdoors or in a well-ventilated room and wearing goggles and gloves, pour the acid stain into a plastic-body sprayer. Read the manufacturer's directions to determine if the stain should be diluted for a hand-troweled floor. You may also want to dilute the stain with water, depending on the intensity of the color desired. (Experiment with the color in an inconspicuous area.) Hold the wand about 18 inches above the surface of the floor as you apply the stain. Let dry 1 hour, spray on a second coat, and let dry.

Step 3

To neutralize the acid use a clean plastic-body sprayer to apply a mixture of 1 part ammonia to 4 parts water. Let dry and mop the floor with clear water. Use a shop vacuum to remove excess moisture on the floor.

Step 4

Once the floor is thoroughly dry, apply several thin coats of water-base sealer using a paint roller equipped with a long handle. The sealer helps protect the concrete and finish from stains.

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shaw_brenda23 wrote:

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