Installing ceramic tile

lloyddrinen4747 says:
how do I read the response to comments?
how do I read the response to comments?
Leveling the Tile Step 1

To level any section or grid of tile, place a long metal straightedge or a 4-foot carpenter's level on the surface and check for any tiles that are higher or lower than the overall surface. Make a beater block out of a 12- to 15-inch 2x4 covered with scrap carpet. Tap high tiles in place using the beater block and a hammer or rubber mallet.

Step 2

If you discover tiles that are lower than the rest, pry them up with the point of a utility knife and spread additional adhesive on the back of the tile. Set the tile back in place and level it with the beater block. Clean excess mortar from the joints while the mortar is still wet. Run the blade of a utility knife in the joint, flicking out the excess as it accumulates on the blade. Pick up loose bits of mortar with a damp sponge. Let the thinset cure at least overnight.


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lloyddrinen4747 wrote:

how do I read the response to comments?

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maluke602 wrote:

instructions are clear and very easy to follow

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grandmas82 wrote:

when we do are tiling in kitchen and dinning room would it look okay to make a border of the tile on the wall and or mop bording?

2/9/2011 11:47:59 AM Report Abuse
eugeneccole wrote:

I have asmall guest bathroom. Should I use small tiles (6 inch square) or larger tiles (12 or 15 inch square) to make the room appear larger ?

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Ikentile2 wrote:

when installing bullnose as a base tile do you install it directly on the floor tile or give it some gap, and if you give it gap how much

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