Installing a Click-Together Engineered Floor

This story covers installing click-together engineered wood flooring.

Step 1

Roll out the underlayment in the same direction that you plan to install the flooring. Abut edges or overlap as directed by the manufacturer. Seal the edges as recommended.

Step 2

Select the longest plank available; start from the right and position the first plank with the groove toward the wall. Use 1/2-inch wood scraps at the wall to maintain the required expansion gap. Continue working down the first row, clicking together the planks end to end. Cut the end plank to fit as needed.

Step 3

Start the second row using the leftover length from the last piece in the first row -- provided the piece is at least 8 inches long and 6 inches away from an end joint. Otherwise cut another piece to the desired length. Use the tapping block to seat the tongue and groove together.

Step 4

Use the same technique to complete all the rows. You may need to rip-cut the last row to fit, allowing for the recommended expansion gap. If necessary use a pry bar to seat the last row.

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