Nailing an Engineered Floor

This story covers installing nail-down engineered flooring.

Step 1

Roll out the underlayment and staple to the subfloor. Starting on the longest outside wall (usually the straightest), measure from each end of the wall the width of one plank (including the tongue) plus the expansion gap. Snap a chalkline between marks to serve as a guideline.

Step 2

Align the first plank, tongue side out, with the chalkline. Use a pneumatic face nailer to secure the plank, driving nails 4 inches from each end and evenly spaced every 10-12 inches.

Step 3

After cutting the last board in the row to length (allowing for the gap suggested by the manufacturer), use a pry bar to coax the plank into position. (Be sure to use a piece of wood at the end of the bar to protect the wall as you pry.)

Step 4

Stagger joints in subsequent rows by 6 inches. Use the pneumatic nailer to drive nails through tongues; use a tapping block and a hammer to snug together tongues and grooves, edge to edge and end to end. Be sure to leave the suggested gap between the ends of the rows and the wall.

Step 5

Rip-cut the last row of planks to width; cut to length to leave the suggested gap between the ends of the planks and the wall. Face-nail to secure the last planks to the subfloor.

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rtw121212 wrote:

What size nails should I use for 5/16" bamboo engineered flooring?

2/20/2010 10:52:41 AM Report Abuse
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