Understanding Texture

Texture is a subtle design tool. Though not as dramatic as bold color or lively pattern, its presence adds a visual and tactile element to your flooring design. How your flooring looks and feels is paramount to a successful installation.

The key to successfully using texture is in diversity. Think of pairing opposites: hard and soft, nubby and smooth, rough and slick, fuzzy and silky, coarse and fine. Mix things by topping your smooth wood floor with a nubby textured rug. Contrast a honed brick floor with a sleek stone countertop.

Texture and mood

The use of texture impacts the ambience of a room. Grouping soft, fine textures casts a romantic, luxurious feel. Rugged, hard textures, on the other hand, achieve a down-to-business attitude. When planning your mix consider the mood you want to create and rely on textures that will impart that attitude for your flooring, countertops, and furnishings.


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