Paint Color & Design: Understanding Color Schemes & Styles, Choosing Colors, More

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Of all the tools you can employ to redecorate a room, paint is the least expensive, most versatile, easiest to apply, and most expressive. With careful planning -- particularly in your color choices and sheens -- a new coat of paint can produce dramatic results, transforming a dull room into an exciting space that draws you in and makes you want to use it. Paint can make a small room look larger. It can brighten a dark room or set the perfect tone for showing off design features. Paint can even create its own items for display, making accents of elements that otherwise would remain unnoticed. That you can find all this potential in a container no bigger than a milk jug makes a simple can of paint something of a small wonder.

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Of course, it's not just the paint that brings about this transformation; you play a big role too, and for many people, that's where things can seem complicated. After all, most homeowners are not trained as interior designers. So how are you going to know that the colors you choose are the right ones? And how are you going to get the paint on the wall and not on everything else? Wouldn't it just be better to let a professional make your color choices and apply the paint too? This site will help you make the right choices when you answer those questions.

Any room you design yourself more truly reflects your personality, and that brings a certain -- even if intangible -- enjoyment the moment you walk into it. You feel at home surrounded by your colors, patterns, and textures. That's not to say you shouldn't seek professional advice if you need it. But good interior designers know that their job is not to impose their personalities on your space. Their job is to help you discover what you want. So if you turn the entire decorating challenge over to someone else, you will probably end up with a result you like, but you might feel something is missing -- your personal touch.

The same goes for applying the paint. Once you've chosen your color scheme and prepared the room for painting, you've arrived at the easiest part of the job. Painting skills are relatively easy to master. And when the job is done, nothing beats the reward of standing back and looking at a beautiful room, knowing that what you're admiring is the quality of your own workmanship.

One Hour or Less

Three simple projects to cross off of your to-do list -- just print these instructions and begin!