Repairing Damaged Aluminum Siding

This story show how to repair damaged aluminum siding.

Step 1

Using aviation snips and a sharp utility knife, cut out the damaged section. You can either follow the contour of the section as shown here or mark off and cut a larger rectangular section. Do not cut along siding seams. Using a piece of scrap 1x4, flatten all the edges of the cutout.

Step 2

Cut a length of the same siding material about 2 inches longer than the hole. Trim off the fastener strip along the top of the replacement patch and file the edges smooth. Leave the bottom lip of the patch intact and unbent.

Step 3

Apply a high-quality exterior-grade construction adhesive around the damaged area and to the siding where the edges of the patch will fall. Slide the patch under the course of siding above and tap the bottom edge to lock it. Press the patch firmly to adhere the patch to the adhesive.

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