Replacing Damaged Fascia

This story show how to replace damaged fascia.

Step 1

Remove the guttering and trim, taking care it doesn't bend. Keep metal guttering away from power lines. Pry the damaged fascia from the rafter ends with a pry bar and pull out nails that stay in the rafters. Fasten a new length of rafter alongside the old one if the old rafter shows signs of rot.

Step 2

Measure the opening spanned by the old fascia and cut new fascia to that length less 1/8 inch. Do not measure the old fascia -- its length may not be accurate, due to weathering. Prime the front, back, and ends of the new board. Nail or screw the replacement to the rafter ends.

Step 3

Replace moldings and trim, and set and fill all nailheads. Paint the fascia in accordance with your work plan. Reinstall the gutters after the paint dries.

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