Painting Shutters

This story covers preparing and painting shutters.

Step 1

Make painting shutters easier by putting supports in the ends of the frames. Predrill each end of the frame for a pair of #10x3-inch drywall or all-purpose screws, and screw them in about an inch or so.

Step 2

Set the shutters on sawhorses spaced so the shutters are supported by the screws, not the frame itself. Paint one side of the shutters with a spray can or brush.

Step 3

When one side of the shutter is painted, grasp the screws at one end and flip the shutter so the other side of the shutter is supported on the screws. This way you don't have to wait till the paint on the first side dries. Paint the second side and let it dry.

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what abuse?

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very good

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want to make shutters for outside windows need ideas

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