Painting Interiors: How to Paint Any Interior Surface

painting living room

Most people consider painting the interior of a house easier than painting the exterior. Even though the procedures for both jobs are essentially the same -- selecting colors, primers, and paints; preparing surfaces; and applying the materials -- and the tools and techniques are the same, interior painting always seems less intimidating.

Projects in Interiors

That's probably because the scale of an inside painting project seems more comfortable. You can probably paint the walls and ceiling in a room with a long-handled roller and perhaps a lightweight stepladder or step stool. You rarely need high scaffolding or tall extension ladders inside. And the job schedule doesn't depend on the weather. You can paint inside your house rain or shine, winter or summer.

Because you spend most of your home time inside the house and usually see the exterior only briefly, the interior is probably the part of the house you identify with most readily. The walls, ceilings, floors, and trim affect the overall design and feel of every room, and that ambience can have a significant impact on your outlook and disposition and whether or not you find a room enjoyable.

Living closer to these inside surfaces makes their attributes and flaws more immediately apparent. You'll usually notice handprints (and in a young family, maybe some writing) on the wall in the kitchen or bedroom right away, but you might not spot a scuff mark on the exterior siding for quite a while. Keeping room interiors bright and fresh-looking is the biggest part of home maintenance for many people.

Rooms are often repainted long before it would be necessary from a pure maintenance point of view. Appearance is usually the main reason to repaint -- whether to change the color for a new decorating scheme or just to bring back the crisp feeling of a freshly painted room. Because appearance is so important, you should take time to prepare the surfaces and apply the paint carefully. When you live with the results every day, you may find that just doing a good enough job may not be quite good enough.

Following the advice in this section will help you complete a paint job that you and your family will enjoy for a long time -- or until it's time to redecorate again.

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