Painting Louvers

This story shows how to paint fixed and adjustable louvers.

Painting fixed louvers: Step 1

Using a 1-1/2-inch trim brush, work the paint into the inside edges on both sides, brushing out the excess.

Painting fixed louvers: Step 2

Starting at each end of a louver, pull the paint back across the louver, toward the center. Fill in the center, and finish with a continuous stroke from one end to the other.

Painting adjustable louvers: Step 1

Using the same techniques for fixed louvers, open the louvers fully and apply paint to both inside edges of the frame.

Painting adjustable louvers: Step 2

Wedge the louvers open to keep them stationary. Paint one side of the louvers, flipping the frame to paint the opposite edge. Then paint one side of the frame.

Painting adjustable louvers: Step 3

Turn the frame over and paint the opposite side of the louvers and the bar. Then paint the unpainted side and edges of the frame.

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