Using a Paint Pad

This story shows you the proper way to use a paint pad for reaching tight spots.

Using a Paint Pad: Step 1

The packaging for many paint pads doubles as a paint tray. Pour paint through a funnel into an empty detergent bottle. Filling the tray from the bottle will make the job less messy. Pour about 1/4 inch of paint into the tray.

Using a paint pad: Step 2

Set the paint pad flat into the paint and wiggle it a little to load its bristles. Remove excess paint by scraping it gently across the edge of the tray. Leave the bristles full but not dripping with paint.

Using a paint pad: Step 3

Place the pad flat on the surface, with the side or guide wheel against the adjoining edge. Unload the paint from the pad with one stroke and if necessary to remove bristle marks, run the pad gently back in the opposite direction. Lift the pad at the end of this stroke to blend it into a previously painted section.

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