Painting With a Roller

This story shows you how to use a paint roller.

Step 1

Load the roller with paint in a roller pan or bucket equipped with a roller screen. Starting at the bottom of the wall, apply the paint with a smooth upstroke, keeping the pressure consistent. Roll in one continuous stroke but not so fast as to spatter the paint.

Step 2

Without lifting the roller, set the paint on the surface with a continuous downstroke. Keep consistent pressure on the roller.

Step 3

With a light upstroke, smooth the paint, with slightly more pressure on the end of the roller in the direction you're painting. This minimizes bead lines. Repeat the steps until you've painted one roller-width to the top of the wall. Start again at the bottom and paint to the top till you've covered the wall.

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spani1 wrote:

Do you have any advice regarding painting adjoining walls of different color, for instance a feature wall? Pani

2/11/2011 08:36:12 AM Report Abuse
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