Patio Materials

Quarry tile

A multitude of bricks, pavers, stone, concrete, and other masonry materials add up to a wide range of possibilities for your project. Deciding which materials to use and how to use them are important design decisions. Begin with a general idea of the look you want, then visit your local brickyard, quarry, landscaping center, or tile retailer to see which materials will bring your vision to life.

Projects in Materials

Choosing materials
Get samples so you can visualize what textures and colors will harmonize with your house and yard. In the early stages, stay flexible about your design. Then, as you narrow your choices, consider the skills, time, and cost for the job. You may want a rubblestone wall at first, for instance, but later decide the heavy work required is not for you. Instead you opt for ashlar stone, which is more costly but easier to lift, set, and cut.

Wish-list Projects

Making these dreams come true is simpler than you thought -- print these instructions to begin!