Sand-Set & Mortared Patios

laying brick patio

This section includes step-by step instructions for building a variety of patios made with brick, stone, and tile, both those set in sand and those mortared to a slab. If you've completed your planning and are ready to build, turn to the pages for the type of patio you have chosen, and start building. If you haven't decided what kind of patio to build, browse each project to get an idea what each method involves.

Projects in Sand-set & Mortared

If you're ready to build, schedule a delivery date for your materials, allowing plenty of time to prepare the site. That way the materials will not be in your way while you are laying out the site, excavating, and building forms. With the site prepared, you can have materials dropped close to the work area rather than in your driveway, which would require you to move them again later.

If you do need to store materials, make the storage safe for both the materials and your neighbors. Store bags of concrete or mortar mix where they won't get wet; cover them if they're out in the open. Mark off a pile of flagstone with yellow construction tape so children and visitors won't stumble into it -- a pallet stacked with stone looks very inviting to young children looking for a place to play. Keep brick and stone on the pallets, and don't cut the steel bands until you're ready to lay the material. Also, don't leave an excavation without marking it: String fluorescent marking tape between rebar posts driven into the ground so it's immediately visible.

Consider the size of the project and recruit a crew of helpers if possible. This is especially important when pouring ready-mix concrete. Although you can take your time with concrete you mix yourself, ready-mix won't wait. Once the truck arrives, you have to get the concrete into the forms quickly. Above all, work safely. Use common sense, wear protective gear, and take your time.

One Hour or Less

Three simple projects to cross off of your to-do list -- just print these instructions and begin!