Setting a Basket Weave Pattern

How to set a basket-weave pattern for a brick-in-sand patio.

Step 1

Prepare the sand bed and install edging. Snap a chalk line at the midpoint of the sand bed. Set the first brick in place against the edging, abutting the center line. Lay six bricks in a basket-weave pattern on each side of the line.

Step 2

Before you finish the first row, start the second row on the centerline, reversing the pattern and keeping the bricks spaced with 1/8-inch plywood spacers. In this row, lay four bricks on each side of the line.

Step 3

In the third row, lay only two bricks on each side of the centerline, reversing the pattern. This will create a stepped pyramid pattern, which keeps subsequent bricks aligned and square.

Step 4

For each subsequent row, work up the sides of the pyramid until you reach the edge restraints on the other side of the patio. At the edges, cut the brick to fit between those already laid and the edge restraints. Continue laying in a stepped pattern, and finish the site with swept sand.

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