Setting a Herringbone on the Diagonal

How to set a diagonal herringbone pattern for a brick-in-sand patio.

Step 1

To gauge the starting point of the pattern, mark a 45-degree angle on the corner of one brick. Then set out nine bricks. Line up the leading corners of the brick with a straightedge. Then measure the distance between the 45-degree line and the straightedge, and note it.

Step 2

Using the measurement from Step 1, stake a line inside and parallel to the edge restraints. Lay the first two bricks so the outside corner of one and the inside corner of the other fall on the line. Lay two more bricks and square them.

Step 3

Continue laying bricks on this starter row, making sure their inside and outside corners are lined up as in Step 2. Continue the starter row to the other end of the site.

Step 4

Starting at the beginning of the starter row, lay the second brick of this row against one leg of the starter row, then lay the first brick against the edge restraint. Lay the remaining bricks in this row; do not lay the next row until you finish this row.

Step 5

After you've laid two more single rows as in Step 4, stretch a line along the corners. They should line up. Reposition them if they don't. Continue laying and checking the bricks, then cut bricks to fit the edges and finish the site with sand.

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bjriggle101 wrote:

I want to print the instructions.

1/26/2015 12:50:59 PM Report Abuse
bjriggle101 wrote:

looks great.

1/26/2015 12:42:48 PM Report Abuse
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