Grouting Tile

How to properly put a finishing touch on your project by grouting the tile.

Step 1

Mix the grout (latex-modified grout) to cover a small section. Scoop grout from the mixing container and set it on the tiles. Angle the grout float 45 degrees as you spread grout across the tiles, forcing it into the joints with the trailing edge. Move the float at angles to the tile pattern to fill the joints. Spread grout in alternating directions to force out air trapped in the joints. Grout the tile in sections and clean each section before grouting the next one.

Step 2

When all the joints in the section are full, clean the grout float in a bucket of warm, clean water. Then use it to scrape excess grout from the tile. Hold the float almost perpendicular to the surface to remove the excess. Keep the float from pressing into the joints, or it will remove grout.

Step 3

Scraping won't remove all of the excess grout. Test the grout to make sure it's set, then wipe the surface with a damp (not wet) sponge. The more often you change the water, the less haze you'll have to remove in the next step.

Step 4

Use a clean soft cloth (old T-shirts work well) to wipe the haze off the tiles. In many cases the haze will be stubborn and you'll have to scrub hard, but doing so won't damage the tiles or the grout.

Step 5

If the grout calls for damp curing, mist it lightly for a few minutes three times a day for three days. If the patio is in direct sunlight, cover the tile with clear (not black) plastic. After the grout has cured, seal the tile (if recommended by the manufacturer).

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rzucchi wrote:

How do I grout tumbled tile to prevent grout getting into the holes left in the tile by the tumbled process

2/10/2010 08:51:03 AM Report Abuse
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