Setting a Parallel Herringbone Pattern

How to set a parallel herringbone pattern for a brick-in-sand patio.

Step 1

When you lay out the site, either set its interior dimensions (inside the border brick) to correspond to the dimensions of the pattern or install edge restraints and the borders on two adjacent legs only. When you reach the other side, you can lay the last brick and borders, then the edge restraints. Spread bricks along the site so they're readily at hand as you lay the pattern. Starting at one corner, lay a pair of full bricks at right angles, then a half brick next to each full brick.

Step 2

Inside the first legs of brick, lay two full bricks at right angles and two full bricks perpendicular at their ends. Once you've laid a leg of the pattern, bed the brick with a rubber mallet.

Step 3

Continue laying stepped legs, spacing them as necessary and bedding them with a rubber mallet. Check the surface for units that may be too high or low and correct them. Then sweep sand into the joints, alternately misting and sweeping until the joints are full.

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mississippi_gre wrote:

herringbone with a radius

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