Masonry Tools


Masonry projects usually require more tools than other do-it-yourself home improvements. Most homeowners, however, already have many of the basic tools: a level, tape measure, framing square, pry bar, framing hammer, and perhaps a small sledgehammer and cold chisel.

Projects in Tools

Choosing tools
In addition to basic tools, you will need shovels, rakes, an electric drill, and other tools that you may already have. Specialty tools, ranging from a cement mixer to cement-finishing floats and trowels, are readily available at rental shops. You may also have friends or neighbors who have done masonry projects and can lend you what you need, along with some firsthand advice and experienced hands-on help. If you plan to do several masonry projects, it's probably worthwhile to buy some of the equipment.

Buy any basic tools you're missing -- consider them an investment in future projects. You will use them long after your patio or wall is finished, so invest in high-quality tools. Cheap tools often break or bend easily, don't work well, and may be less comfortable to use. When you buy cheap tools, you risk having to take a trip to the hardware store to replace a broken tool right in the middle of your project.

You can rent many of the other tools you'll need, especially those which are large and expensive or the ones you'll use just once or infrequently. Make a list of those tools and estimate when you'll need them. Then rent the tool just when you need it, rather than spending money to have it sit idle while you work on other parts of the project.

One Hour or Less

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