Finishing Tools

Renting tools

For some homeowners, buying new tools is part of the enjoyment of a home improvement project. But when it comes to masonry projects, there are some tools you won't ever need again once the job is done. If you need a tool only once, renting it makes more sense than buying it. Don't pay for idle time: Rent a tool only when you're ready for it.

Here are some of the tools you may need to rent for the construction of your patio.

  • Excavating equipment to clear the site.
  • Hammer drill to install masonry anchors in a brick or stucco wall.
  • Power auger to dig holes for footings.
  • Power mixer to prepare concrete.
  • Reciprocating saw to make cuts where a circular saw can't reach.
  • Bull float for large concrete slabs.
  • Sod cutter to make sod removal easier.
  • Rototiller to break up soil for excavation.
  • Wet saw or snap cutter to cut large amounts of tile or other masonry materials.

Common finishing tools, left to right: Grout bag; Striking tool; Rubber mallet; Edger; Bull float; Wood float; Magnesium float; Jointer or groover; Finishing trowel


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