Flex-Line Shower Unit Repair and Installation

Installing a Flex-Line Shower

Installing a showerhead in a bathtub that doesn't have one is a big job. An easier solution is a flex-line shower unit. It installs quickly, and its removable showerhead is a handy feature.

The surrounding walls should be covered with tile or other water-resistant material. If you have a claw-foot tub that does not abut the walls, purchase a circular shower curtain.


About an hour for most units

Drill with masonry bit, screwdriver, hammer, groove-joint pliers or pipe wrench

Drilling holes in tile, assembling parts

No need to shut off the water; place a towel in the bottom of the tub to catch any parts

Flex-line shower unit, pipe tape, plastic anchors

Step 1

Remove the old spout and screw on the one that comes with the shower unit.

Step 2

Hold the showerhead bracket or template in place and mark for mounting holes. Press the tip of a nail on a mark and tap with a hammer to make a small chip as a starter hole. Drill holes with a masonry bit.

Step 3

Tap plastic anchors into the holes and attach the showerhead bracket with the provided screws. Snap on its decorative body. Screw the flex line to the tub spout and slip the showerhead into the bracket.

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