Kitchen Sprayer Repair and Installation

Kitchen Sprayers

Kitchen sink sprayers are easy to repair. Instead of repairing one, though, you could install a one-touch faucet.

If pressure is low make sure the hose is not kinked. If that's not the problem, disassemble and clean the sprayer. If that fails turn off the water and check the diverter.

If water comes out of the sprayer even when its valve is not depressed, replace the sprayer body and valve.

Prestart Checklist

An hour or two for most repairs

Screwdriver, groove-joint pliers, long-nose pliers, toothbrush, knife

Dismantling and reassembling a unit with small parts

Shut the water off only to work on the diverter valve; lay down a small towel for organizing small parts

Replacement parts for the sprayer and diverter, perhaps a new sprayer, silicone grease

Step 1

Pull the sprayer out and use pliers to dismantle the spout, keeping track of all its parts. Clean them with a toothbrush. If parts are caked with minerals, soak them overnight in vinegar.

Step 2

If cleaning or replacing the sprayer does not solve the problem, shut off the water. Remove the spout and find the diverter valve. On this model it is in the faucet body. Pry out the valve with a knife.

Step 3

Replace worn parts or the entire diverter valve. Clean away any debris and coat the rubber parts with silicone grease. Reinstall and test.

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luxurylivingdirect wrote:

There are just too many small parts involved in this. I personally feel replacing it may be a better option if the damage is high. The parts are too small and for a newbie into repairs this can be a tough one.

2/12/2013 01:22:30 AM Report Abuse
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