Installing an Under Sink Filter

Adding a Water Filter

A simple filter can reduce the amount of sediment in tap water and improve the water's odor and taste.

Local water conditions vary, so check with a home center or hardware store to see which filter will work best for you. Most carbon-based units make water more palatable.

If your water is excessively hard, have a water softener company install and perhaps maintain a water softener.

The unit shown here purifies all the cold water that runs through a kitchen faucet. Also available is a unit that has its own faucet for a separate source of filtered drinking water.

For an easy-to-install alternative, consider a faucet-mounted water filter. Some purify all the water flowing through the spout, while others have a separate valve that allows you to choose filtered or unfiltered water. Both screw onto the faucet in place of the aerator.

Prestart Checklist

An hour or two

Adjustable wrench, drill, screwdriver, hacksaw or PVC saw, tubing cutter, groove-joint pliers

Attaching with screws, cutting pipe, and making simple connections

Add a tee and stop valve to the cold water supply; clear out the cabinet under the sink

Water purifier, perhaps extra parts for connections

Step 1

Mount the spout in the knockout hole in the sink. Have a helper center the spout while you work below to tighten the mounting nut.

Step 2

Shut off the water to the cold water supply tube. Add a separate stop valve. Hold the filter in a convenient location and drive screws to attach it.

Step 3

Trim to length the plastic supply tube for the filter. Poke the tube insert into the tube and slide on the compression nut and ferrule. Tighten the nut using a small adjustable wrench.

Step 4

Connect the lines to the stop valve and spout according to the manufacturer's instructions. Compression fittings make these connections easy. Water will now run through the filter before reaching the spout.

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mescobar53 wrote:

I installed a watts premier under the sink water filter and even the water tank is full it keeps running water and it goes on. How can I fix this problem. I would really appreciated.

12/11/2010 11:21:29 AM Report Abuse
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