Pipe: How to Repair Pipes, Thaw Frozen Water Pipes & More

tighten clamp bolts

If a pipe suddenly springs a leak, you may be able to make a temporary repair by wrapping it tightly with electrician's tape. But a more permanent repair must be made as soon as possible.

Projects in Pipe Repair

Running new lines
If a pipe clamp does not solve the problem, you'll need to remove and replace sections of pipe, and possibly fittings as well. This chapter shows how to cut, assemble, and join copper, steel, and plastic pipe, as well as how to make repairs to cast-iron pipe. In addition it shows how to repair and replace valves, quiet noisy pipes, and thaw frozen pipes.

Pipe repair can be time-consuming, especially if the pipes are hard to reach. You may spend more time cutting into and patching walls than working on the plumbing.

You can use the techniques in this section to make a pipe repair or to install a new line for additional service. Usually simply installing a tee fitting allows you to run a new supply line. Armed with this knowledge you can tackle a simple project like a laundry room as long as the drain line does not have to travel more than about 5 feet.

Installing new service, on the other hand, is usually a complicated matter. Drain lines in particular must follow strict guidelines and must be properly vented. Contact a professional plumber for any project more complicated than a simple laundry room hookup.

One Hour or Less

Three simple projects to cross off of your to-do list -- just print these instructions and begin!