Repairs to Plastic Pipe

Repairs to Plastic Pipe

White PVC pipe is the current material of choice for most drain lines. Existing black ABS pipe can be replaced with PVC. If you use a transition fitting, you can connect PVC to galvanized drainpipe. Special fittings also allow you to attach PVC to cast-iron pipe.

Using PVC for supply lines is not allowed by many building codes; check with your local building inspector before using it. CPVC is approved for many outdoor uses, such as lawn sprinkler systems.

Plastic pipe is easy to assemble, but take care to do it right. Joints must be primed and glued completely or they may leak. If you install a fitting that makes a turn, such as a tee or an elbow, use alignment marks to ensure the fitting faces the right way. Mistakes can't be corrected -- if a glued joint points in the wrong direction, you must cut out the faulty section and start over. Before you tackle the real thing, practice cutting and gluing pieces until you feel proficient.


About an hour to make a simple repair

PVC saw and miter box, utility knife, tape measure, felt-tip pen, PVC pipe cutter

Measuring, cutting PVC

Spread a drop cloth to catch any spilled primer and glue.

PVC pipe and fittings, primer, cement

Step 1

Cut PVC pipe using a PVC saw, a hacksaw, or most any saw with fine teeth. A miter box helps hold the pipe to make perpendicular cuts.

Step 2

Scrape the inside and outside of the sawed edge with a utility knife to remove burrs.

Step 3

Assemble the pieces in a dry run to make sure everything fits. Disassemble the pieces, keeping track of the order in which they will be reassembled.

Step 4

Apply primer to the pipe ends and to the insides of the fittings. The strip of primer on the pipe should be wide enough so that some can still be seen after the fitting is attached. Apply cement to the outside of the pipe, then to the inside of the coupling.

Step 5

Immediately insert the pipe into the fitting and give it a slight twist. Some cement should ooze around the joint. Hold the joint for about 20 seconds, then wipe away any excess cement. Wait at least 30 minutes before running drain water through the pipes.

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tsnordin wrote:

what type of saw for pvc pipe

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paulaeileen1 wrote:

Replacing drain pipe, under 2nd sink.

1/3/2010 06:51:13 PM Report Abuse
paulaeileen1 wrote:

Pipe under drain is leaking.

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paulaeileen1 wrote:

Two bay sink, the second sink, connected to P- trap and dishwasher 1st sink.

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