Plumbing System Repairs & Upgrades

woman attaching hose to water heater

Home plumbing systems periodically need maintenance and appliance upgrades. These chores are moderately difficult -- more involved than "easy installs" but not as complicated as a bathroom or kitchen renovation. Some projects may call for running short lengths of new supply pipe or gas pipe but no elaborate drain-waste-vent installations.

Projects in System Repairs

Some building inspectors will want you to obtain a permit for any installation, no matter how small. Others don't want to conduct inspections unless an installation requires running new pipes. To be ?safe consult with your local building department before tackling any of the projects described in this section.

An inspector may provide valuable advice for some of the more complicated connections, such as connecting water, gas, or electric lines to a water heater or solving water pressure problems.

Other sources of advice and help
If you have a gas water heater, call the gas company to check for gas leaks and carbon monoxide (which can build up dangerously if the flue is not installed correctly). They may perform these checks for free.

If your main drain line is clogged, have the city inspect its portion of the drain line; again this should be free.

If you have an old home or if your plumbing is too complicated for you to understand, do not hesitate to call a plumber. A plumber's hourly rate may be high, but a pro has experience with a variety of plumbing problems and can perform some tasks so quickly that it may be well worth the money.

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