Installing an Electric Water Heater

Step 1

To replace an electric water heater, shut off power. Test to make sure power is off. Remove the electrical cover plate and carefully pull out the wires; remove the wire nuts and touch the bare wires with the probes of a voltage tester to make sure there is no power.

Step 2

Once you are sure power is off, loosen the cable clamp screw and pull out the cable, which might be metal-clad, nonmetallic cable, or wires running through conduit. Mark the wires for reattaching. Follow steps to disconnect the water lines and remove the old unit.

Step 3

Position the new unit, level it, and shim if needed. Run the electrical cable through the clamp and tighten it. Connect the ground wire to the ground screw. Splice the other wires and screw on wire nuts. Push the wires carefully into the cavity and replace the cover plate.

Step 4

Install the water lines. Open the water shutoff valves and allow the tank to fill. Do not restore power yet.

Step 5

Open both access panels and set the thermostats to the desired settings. Press the reset buttons until they click. Restore power.

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ocelottinker wrote:

Trying to repair or replace a tub/shower faucet that is plastic and broken inside. First how do you remove it or does it have to be done from back side of tub?

1/10/2016 02:07:01 PM Report Abuse
ocelottinker wrote:

How to remove a broken tub/shower faucet setup.

1/10/2016 02:05:10 PM Report Abuse
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