Clearing a Clogged Toilet

Step 1

You can usually clear a clog with a toilet plunger. Insert the plunger flange into the hole at the bottom of the bowl until it seals. Push and pull vigorously several times. Repeat the process as many times as needed.

Step 2

For tenacious clogs, a pressure plunger exerts even greater force. Set it firmly in the hole and pump it until you feel the pressure build. You will feel a sudden loss of pressure once the clog clears.

Step 3

Use a toilet auger if plunging doesn't clear the clog. Pull the auger's handle up, insert the auger, then crank while pushing down. The auger may push an obstruction through, or it may grab the obstruction so you can then pull it out.

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millieowens wrote:

Thank you for your advice on the severe clog. We are the caretakers of my 90-year-old constipated father. It took over an hour and a half of using the plunger, auger, & then finally removing the toilet & using the auger backwards to clear the clog. We ran the auger backward again after finding the "brick of excrement," & found more residue. We were prepared with the plunger & auger, but we were glad to have had a new waxed ring on hand. We then caulked around the base of the toilet!"

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