Replacing a Toilet Seat


Replacing a toilet seat is an easy repair. Most hardware stores will carry an inexpensive basic seat, and possibly, a better-grade one. Look to home centers, design Web sites, or bath specialty outlets for a greater selection.

Almost all modern replacements mount in the same fashion, but some antique reproduction models, do not feature the plastic cap covering the plastic bolt. These reproductions have threaded studs integral to their design. Simply push the studs through the holes in the bowl and tighten the nuts. Always make sure the replacement seat has the same contour as the bowl.


About half an hour

Screwdriver, slip-joint pliers, hacksaw if needed

Removing and replacing plastic bolts

Replacement toilet seat, penetrating oil

Step 1

Close the lid and find the two small plastic hinged covers at the back, that cover the mounting bolts. Slip the edge of a screwdriver or putty knife under the covers and pop them up. Don't worry if they break off at the hinges, the new seat will include replacements.

Step 2

Hold the mounting bolt with a screwdriver and loosen the nut under the bowl flange with slip-joint pliers. Once loose, unscrew it by hand. If the bolts are corroded or difficult to remove, spray the threads with penetrating oil. Cut stubborn bolts with a hacksaw.

Step 3

Lift the old seat straight up and out of the mounting holes: dispose. Set the new seat on the bowl, insert the mounting screws, and lightly hand-tighten the nuts.

Step 4

Align the seat so it's centered on the bowl and continue to tighten the nuts by hand. Hold the nuts with slip-joint pliers and tighten the bolts with a screwdriver. (If you hold the screwdriver and tighten the nuts with the pliers, you'll likely dislodge the seat.)

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luxurylivingdirect wrote:

Good explanation on replacing toilet cover. It is well illustrated and the method can be followed by anyone. Also the best part is that the replacement wont take more than half an hour,so its a quick and simple technique.

2/11/2013 04:11:04 AM Report Abuse
esthercastro99 wrote:

Replacing toilet cover was help to me now I need help with replacinkg handle to the toiket if you can help me out.

11/22/2009 11:51:21 AM Report Abuse
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