Seeping and Phantom Flushes

Water Runs into Bowl

The toilet handle may be loose or in need of adjustment if water sometimes gurgles into the bowl until you jiggle the handle. Metal handle arms can be adjusted by gentle bending. The lift rod or chain may be stuck or snagged: adjust or replace if needed.

Phantom Flushes

The flapper or stopper is not sealing tightly against the flush-valve seat if water slowly seeps into the bowl. You may hear a faint, "phantom" flush every so often. Shut off the water and flush, then clean the flush-valve seat with a nonmetallic scrubbing pad.

Persistent Problems

Check that the flapper or stopper is centered in the flush-valve seat. Raising or twisting the flapper may solve the problem. If not, install a new one. Bring the old flapper to a home center so you can buy an exact replacement. Try a different type if the new flapper doesn't seal tightly.

What If... The Toilet has a Weak Flush? Step 1

Partially blocked rim openings or a blocked jet may be the culprit if water flows weakly into the bowl. Shut off the water and flush. Pour mineral cleaner into the bowl and clean the siphon jet with a bottle brush.

What If... The Toilet has a Weak Flush? Step 2

Brush the rim openings with the mineral cleaner and allow several minutes for it to soak in; repeat several times. A mirror will can help you see if any openings are clogged. Auger a rim opening with a piece of insulated wire or a very small bottle brush.

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donwiz42 wrote:

I have replased the flapper kit and water level steal drops after a fue seconds. What can I do?

11/2/2012 12:40:10 PM Report Abuse
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