Planning Your Roofing Project

planning for roofing

Often a roofing job is fairly simple to map out. For example, if you will simply reroof over existing asphalt shingles with the same type of shingles, the decisions are few and easy. However, if you need to tear off the old shingles or if you want to change the look of your roof, you will need to make several practical and aesthetic decisions.

Projects in Planning

Choosing materials
Choose the roofing material -- shingles, tiles, or sheets -- that best complements your home's architectural style. Practical considerations, such as fire and other local codes, the slope of the roof, and the way the roof was built, may limit your choices. To be safe, use a material that has proven durable in your area. Typically longer-lasting material will cost more. How long you plan to live in your home will bear upon your decision. This chapter will guide you through the choices.

Do it yourself or hire a pro?
This book will equip you to install a variety of roofing types. However, before you dive into a roofing project, consider whether you are really up to the task. This is physically demanding work and can be dangerous as well. Read through the sections on preparing the site and working safely, then peruse the instructions later in the book for the type of roofing you will install. One important consideration: Can you reroof over existing shingles or will you need to tear off the old roofing?

If you do the work yourself, buy or rent tools that will make the job easier. A power nailer is usually well worth the cost, for instance. Also enlist strong people to help load the roofing and move it around the roof. Use safety equipment suitable for the slope of your roof.

If you hire a pro, choose one who is licensed and bonded to guarantee satisfactory work. Be sure a contractor is insured so that you will not be liable if an accident occurs. A roofing contract should clearly state the start and completion dates; the price; materials, including underlayment; and a guarantee that your yard will not be damaged.

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