Using Roof Jacks

Roof jacks provide a stable surface to work, increasing safety.

Step 1

Roof jacks provide a stable surface to work, increasing safety and making it easier to apply roofing. Ideally, locate a rafter below the sheathing. (You can usually feel sheathing nails, which are driven into rafters through the underlayment.) Attach a jack by driving two 16d nails (never roofing nails) into a rafter.

Step 2

Slip whichever size board -- usually a 2X8 or 2X10 -- will fit snugly into the jacks. The plank should overhang the jacks by about 6 inches on each side. Secure the plank to the jack as shown to prevent the plank from tipping over.

Step 3

To remove a jack when you're done with it, tap up with a hammer to disengage the jack from the nails. To drive the nails in so they don't poke through the roofing, slip a flat pry bar under the shingle and over the nailhead and pound the nail down. Or, if the tab is flexible enough, lift it as you nail.

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