Using Roof Anchors

Roof anchors attach easily to the ridge of your roof to allow you to use a body harness.

Step 1

Attach a roof anchor. Roof anchors can be installed easily and guarantee safety. They are often required by OSHA. Use deck screws (not gold-colored general-purpose screws) and be sure the fasteners penetrate a framing member, not just the sheathing.

Step 2

Clip on the rope. Use heavy-duty braided polyester rope and approved hardware for clipping to the roof anchor. Make sure the rope cannot come loose. Ropes like this one have a built-in shock absorber to cushion a fall.

Step 3

Strap on a body harness and clip on the rope. If you use a self-retracting lifeline, the rope will stay taut so you won't have excess rope to trip over as you work.

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sgfsd wrote:

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jdantley202gma wrote:

This is some really great information. I've been meaning to get up and fix my roof a little so it's good to know how to anchor myself. It can be a little scary being up that high without any protection! Thanks for sharing this.\

7/28/2015 12:44:19 PM Report Abuse
ashleyreedxx wrote:

My husband wants to work on the roof, I'm thinking about getting him an anchor. It's worth it to me to know that he's being safe. Getting him to actually use it might be another issue entirely. Thanks for all the great information!

6/29/2015 12:56:15 PM Report Abuse
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