Using Roof Anchors

Roof anchors attach easily to the ridge of your roof to allow you to use a body harness.

Step 1

Attach a roof anchor. Roof anchors can be installed easily and guarantee safety. They are often required by OSHA. Use deck screws (not gold-colored general-purpose screws) and be sure the fasteners penetrate a framing member, not just the sheathing.

Step 2

Clip on the rope. Use heavy-duty braided polyester rope and approved hardware for clipping to the roof anchor. Make sure the rope cannot come loose. Ropes like this one have a built-in shock absorber to cushion a fall.

Step 3

Strap on a body harness and clip on the rope. If you use a self-retracting lifeline, the rope will stay taut so you won't have excess rope to trip over as you work.

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