Replacing Shingles

If you have some shingles that need to be replaced this story gives you some tips and the step to follow when replacing them.


You may have some composition shingles in your garage or shed left over from the original roofing job. If not take along a sample shingle when you buy replacements so that you can match the color.

If the felt underlayment is damaged, cut a piece that is at least 6 inches larger than the damaged area in both directions and slip it into place before replacing the shingle. Sound underlayment is especially important on shingle roof. If you are making repairs at the eaves, you may need to replace a starter strip or starter shingles.

Prestart Checklist

Once you have the repair materials, an hour or less for most repairs

Utility knife, tape measure, flat pry bar, stapler, hammer or roofing hatchet, trowel, caulk gun, nail set

Nailing; using a pry bar, chisel, caulk gun

Buy replacement shingles to match and make preparations for working safely on the roof.

Shingles, roofing cement (in a caulk tube or a can), nails long enough to penetrate the sheathing

Step 1

On a warm (but not hot) day, lift up the tabs of the shingles above the damaged shingle or shingles. Use a flat pry bar to pry out the nails. Pull out the damaged shingles and clear away any debris.

Step 2

If the underlayment is incomplete or torn, patch over it. Cut a piece that is about 6 inches larger than the damaged area in both directions and slip it in under the surrounding shingles. Drive a couple of staples to hold it in place.

Step 3

Starting at the bottom and working up, install the replacement shingles. You will have to lift up shingle tabs to drive some of the nails.

Step 4

Before installing the topmost piece, apply a bead of roofing cement to its underside, near the top. Slip the shingle into place, lift up the tabs above, and drive nails.

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edwardfkirk wrote:

Be very careful when lifting the tabs to nail under them, they may rip or break off. You don't want that just means you have more area to fix... I stick a speed square under there this helps using the 45 deg angle..

2/27/2011 07:19:07 AM Report Abuse
edwardfkirk wrote:

Best time to do this first thing in the morning before they get to warm. They pop apart easier..

2/27/2011 07:12:36 AM Report Abuse
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