Repairing Aluminum Corner Caps

This story shows you how make repairs to the corner caps for aluminum siding.

Step 1

To remove damaged caps, gently pry out the siding, pry out the caps at their bottoms, and pull with pliers. If that doesn't work you may need to cut at the top with a hacksaw as shown. Take care to cut only through the cap and not into the siding. Wood siding is shown, but caps on aluminum siding are similar.

Step 2

Use pliers to remove nails or use a nail set to pound them in. Insert the new corner caps. Where the top of a cap is exposed, drive nails to attach. Use a nail set to finish driving.

Step 3

Where you cannot drive nails (typical on the topmost cap), test to make sure you can slip a cap under the siding above. Apply butyl (gutter) caulk to the backside of the cap.

Step 4

Press the glued cap in place and use tape to hold it until the caulk dries. Remove the tape after a day. Prime and paint.

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