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how to remove organic mastic off flat walls?
how to remove organic mastic off flat walls?
You need one of the adhesive types covered in this story to hold your tile in place.

Adhesives hold the tile in place; they are generally divided into three categories.

Thinset mortar
Thinset mortar is the most commonly used adhesive in tile installations. It is almost always the best product for floors and has wide applications in wall tiling installations. It offers great flexibility in placing tiles when wet, and provides greater strength than organic mastic when cured.

Epoxy thinset
Epoxy thinset sets up quickly. Its hard, almost impermeable consistency makes it useful in settings requiring chemical resistance. Epoxy is more expensive and harder to apply than water-based or latex thinsets.

Organic mastic
Organic mastic is made with either a latex or petroleum base and a carrier that evaporates, leaving a bonding agent stuck to the tile. This adhesive is not as strong or flexible as thinset. It is good for flat walls in prime condition. Make sure it's compatible with your materials.


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jmaddox11 wrote:

how to remove organic mastic off flat walls?

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