Planning Your Tile Installation

Woman Drawing Plan On Paper

Nothing contributes more to the success of your tiling project than careful planning. Planning helps you produce attractive, professional-looking results, and it organizes the job. A well-drawn, detailed layout plan will help you create a more accurate cost estimate than sketches or generalized notes.

Projects in Planning

One aspect of remodeling, however, can't be solved with graph paper and a ruler -- the disruption and mess. To minimize the stress, anticipate debris disposal. Collect sturdy cartons for hauling out old flooring, drywall, or plaster. Order your materials early and get all the preparation out of the way by the delivery date. If you won't be done by the time the materials arrive, plan where to store them away from the project site. Have all the right tools before you begin the job. Nothing stalls a project -- or your enthusiasm -- more than running back and forth to the hardware store.

If the kitchen will be shut down, make alternate arrangements for meals. Coordinate the removal of bathroom fixtures with your family's daily schedule.

Use this list to keep your tiling project organized from start to finish:

-Measure all rooms carefully and calculate their areas.

-Create a scaled drawing and layout plan of the surface you'll be tiling.

-Estimate material quantities, starting with underlayment and other preparation materials: adhesives, grouts, and fasteners. Be sure to include the trim tile.

-Make a list of the tools you'll need. Purchase or rent them. Plan your work so you can return rented tools within24 hours to minimize costs.

-Estimate your total costs, including any for alternate living arrangements if needed. When shopping for tile, visit several suppliers to get the best deal.

-Plan for temporary storage of furniture and other objects. Store furniture in little-used rooms to keep disruptions in your life to a minimum.

-Prepare a construction calendar to keep yourself on schedule.

Wish-list Projects

Making these dreams come true is simpler than you thought -- print these instructions to begin!