Repairing or Removing the Existing Floor

This story shows you methods for repairing and leveling a hardwood floor before tiling.

Step 1

Use a framing square and carpenter's pencil to outline the edge of the damaged area. Set a circular saw to the depth of the hardwood flooring, start the saw with only the front edge of the saw plate resting on the floor, and lower the blade to cut. Repeat along each line.

Step 2

Chisel out enough flooring to let you insert a pry bar under the flooring. Tap the pry bar under the strips or planks at a nail and pry up. Repeat the process at each nail location within the damaged area. Dispose of the flooring you have removed.

Step 3

Measure the area you have removed and cut a piece of 3/4-inch exterior-grade plywood to the same dimensions. Fit the plywood into the recess, and using a cordless drill, drive 1-3/8-inch coated screws at 3- to 4-inch intervals through the plywood and into the subfloor. Countersink the screws slightly. If your hardwood floor has been refinished, the patch might be thicker than the floor. Use a belt sander to sand the patch until it's level with the flooring.

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lddangelo wrote:

Can I tile over a vinyl sheet floor without applying backer board?

1/17/2010 04:51:42 PM Report Abuse
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