Installing Resilient & Parquet Tile

Man Installing Decorative Tile on Wood Floor

Both resilient tile and wood parquet offer a wider choice of design styles than you might assume. Though they require different applications and offer different styles, both come in dry-backed and self-stick forms.

Projects in Resilient & Parquet Tile

Resilient tile
Resilient tiles have always included designs that mimic other materials, such as granite, marble, brick, ceramic tile, and even wood parquet. Thanks to computer technology, today's patterns are much more realistic and attractive than they used to be.

Colors range from simple and subdued (perfect for an understated background) to bold and dramatic (ideal for a contemporary design scheme). Solid-color tiles are generally less expensive than their fancier counterparts. Combine them, as you would ceramic tile, to create dramatic effects. Resilient tile can handle most any flooring job -- and at a fraction of the cost of other materials. It's among the easiest of materials to install.

Parquet owes its exotic look to the arrangement of its individual fillets. Once hand-cut, individually glued, and expensive, today's tiles are machine-made and much more affordable.

The predominance of standard parallel-fillet patterns may lead you to believe design choices are limited. But step into any quality flooring shop (or anyof several retailers' Internet websites) and you'll find triangular patterns, rhomboid shapes, interlocking triangles, and three-dimensional geometries set within each tile in the same and alternating woods. From a design standpoint, wood parquet offers almost as many opportunities as vinyl tile.

Both vinyl and parquet tile, however, come with limitations. They cannot withstand outdoor conditions. Parquet will not last below grade or in wet locations. While you can install parquet in kitchens, it will not hold up well in bathroom installations. Vinyl can go almost anywhere, but it requires a waterproofing membrane when installed on concrete slabs below grade.

One Hour or Less

Three simple projects to cross off of your to-do list -- just print these instructions and begin!