Installing Laminate, Cork & Carpet Tiles

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Laminates, cork, and carpet tile offer many choices of alternative floor coverings, and although they vary considerably in cost, each combines appearance and durability with ease of installation.

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Laminates provide exceptional durability at a moderate cost -- only slightly more than resilient tile. A tough melamine wear coat gives them their staying power. This top layer borrows technology from the manufacture of laminate countertops. It resists the impact of high-heeled shoes and damage from burns and stains.

Where a beautiful visual effect is paramount and practicality is important, laminate flooring fits the bill. Many single-tile patterns are made to look like wood, but you'll find an increasing number of granite, marble, and stone look-alikes, as well as abstract designs and ceramic patterns. You'll have your choice of individual laminate tiles or planks with tile "visuals" -- individual tiles printed on a plank, complete with grout lines.

Carpet tile
Not long ago you might have considered carpet tile a less than first-rate floor covering. New materials and methods of manufacture, however, have improved its quality, environmental safety, and durability.

One aspect of carpet tile that makes it desirable is the ease with which you can cut and install it. This adds up to reduced installation costs and time. It also means you can customize your floor scheme with stunning effects. If you like, you can install carpet tile to mimic broadloom carpet. It offers an amazing array of design options at far less expense than a wall-to-wall installation.

Cork tile
Because cork is a natural product, each tile displays a unique color, pattern, and texture. All are comfortable underfoot, thanks to millions of tiny air cells in their surface, an attribute which also makes cork an excellent choice where sound deadening is important. Naturally resilient, it recovers quickly from denting, and its air insulating cells help keep the floor warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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